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Design a showplate for your bike or car in the UK or USA. Secure online design and ordering with a choice of borders, slogans, fonts, ghosts and sizes. Imports, American cars and bikes catered for with hundreds of designs to choose from.

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Handmade numer plates and showplates

Impact Showplates - handmade, customised number plates and showplates
Design your own plate


Production Quality

How do I know my plate will look good?
All our components are produced in house using cutting edge computer controlled design, printing and routing technology.

How long will my plate take to arrive?
We despatch within 3 working days of receipt of order and payment.

Will it fit through my letterbox?
No problem.

Can I have any other size?
We can make plates to any size, shape, colour or content.

Is it legal to use on the road?
No, all our plates are showplates to be used off road only.

My new number plate looks scratched!
All plates are despatched with a clear protective cover which usually has some marks on it, making the plate look scratched. Please remove the film after drilling for maximum protection.

Drilling Instructions

  • Leave the protective cover on the Perspex number plate until the drilling is complete.
  • Mark drilling holes onto the back of the plate with a soft pencil or felt tip.
  • Place plate face down on a smooth piece of wood.
  • Drill straight through the marking holes with a 6mm high-speed drill bit, applying high pressure.
  • Do not drill a pilot hole as this may cause cracking.
  • Install plate onto vehicle.

PLEASE NOTE :- These instructions are for guidance only and Impact Showplates cannot be held responsible for plates damaged whilst drilling

Number Plate Law

All our show plates are designed to be used on private ground only and not for use on the public highway under any circumstances. For full details on Legal Number plates please checkout

We value customer satisfaction above all else and if you have any comments or problems please do not hesitate to contact

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